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Derecktor Shipyard

Custom Catering for Yacht Crew at Derecktor Shipyard

Attention: Captains & Chief Stews at Derecktor Shipyard, Fort Lauderdale, FL 
Elevate Your Culinary Experience with Chef Megoo!  

Outstanding Menus: Set sail on a culinary expedition with menus artfully curated to resonate with your crew's distinct palate, ensuring an unmatched dining delight.

Elite & Nutrition-Focused: Energize your crew with gourmet masterpieces that seamlessly blend taste and health, ensuring the best of both worlds.

Effortless Gourmet Service:
Break away from the routine of take-outs or temporary chefs. Let Chef Megoo Yacht Crew Catering Service take the helm of your yacht's culinary journey with unmatched expertise. Navigating Food Challenges at Derecktor Shipyard? Chef Megoo is Your Culinary Beacon!

Whether your chef is on a sabbatical, you're overseeing day charters, or craving a culinary refresh, Chef Megoo emerges as the gold standard. Experience the privilege of a dedicated chef delivering gourmet meals tailored to your every whim.

Stellar Reviews & Industry-Leading Expertise:
Step into our exclusive community of over 200 delighted yachting enthusiasts. With a rich legacy of over 20 years and an enviable 4.9-star rating, you're collaborating with the industry's finest. 

Elevate Your Yacht Dining Experience at Derecktor Shipyard: Dive deep into Fort Lauderdale's elite yacht crew catering realm with Chef Megoo. Set your course with the confidence that your crew's culinary aspirations are in the hands of a maestro.

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Our exclusive yacht crew catering service in Fort Lauderdale guarantees culinary perfection for those who expect the best. Whether you’re setting sail on a voyage, docked in one of our many marinas, or tuning-up in one of our shipyards, Chef Megoo curates menus that tantalize the palate and fuel your crew for every adventure.
Discover Fort Lauderdale's finest yacht crew catering! Elevate your food experience with gourmet meals tailored just for you. Contact us now and indulge in one of the best and unique culinary experiences in South Florida.